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Dental Bonding Specialist

Tustin Dental Center

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Dental bonding is a cost-effective solution to many common cosmetic dental issues like gaps, chips, or severe discoloration. At Tustin Dental Center in Tustin, California, Ahmed Elgazar, DDS, Ziad Tedini, DDS, and their talented team uses dental bonding to help their patients perfect their smiles. To learn more about dental bonding, book an appointment online, or call the office today.

Dental Bonding Q&A


What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a procedure in which the Tustin Dental Center team applies composite resin to your tooth’s surface to smooth defects and correct problems. This procedure is completely noninvasive and requires just one appointment. 

Some of the most common uses for dental bonding include: 

  • Concealing tooth cracks
  • Restoring decayed teeth
  • Correcting tooth discoloration
  • Concealing tooth gaps
  • Filling cavities (composite fillings) 
  • Lengthening or reshaping teeth

Dental bonding can also strengthen your teeth by adding an extra-hard outer layer. 

Is dental bonding right for me?

The Tustin Dental Center team can help you decide whether dental bonding is the right choice for you. If you're looking for a reasonably priced and noninvasive way to enhance your smile, dental bonding could be the ideal option.  

What should I do to protect my teeth after dental bonding?

For at least 48 hours, don't drink or eat anything that can stain your teeth. Dental bonding doesn't generally cause any tooth sensitivity or pain, but it's important to look after your teeth as directed by the Tustin Dental Care team after your appointment. Dental bonding can last for as much as a decade if you take good care of your teeth.

Long-term, the best way to protect your dental bonding is by scheduling dental exams and cleanings every six months, along with practicing excellent oral care at home. Brushing and flossing every day, avoiding tooth-cracking foods like hard candy, and skipping coffee and other tooth-staining foods can help maximize the lifespan of your dental bonding materials. When you do consume food or drinks that can cause staining, brush your teeth immediately after.

Does teeth whitening work on dental bonding?

No. Although teeth whitening won’t damage your dental bonding, it won’t lighten the color, either. That’s why it's important to get the bonding in your ideal tooth color. Some patients like to whiten their teeth before they get their teeth bonding.

For a budget-friendly way to enhance your smile, consider dental bonding at Tustin Dental Center. Click on the booking tool or call the office to set up your appointment today.